Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's your funeral..

"It's your funeral."   Yes, it was something to that affect my husband said as I tried my best to justify the need  to write such a blog with such a title.
Why open myself up to possible attacks and ridicule due to my many seemingly contradictory beliefs and ideas?
I guess I just delight in bucking against the stereotypes, always looking for the exception.

But will this blog be exclusively about controversy and uncomfortable topics?  No. I do hope to share quite a bit about the beauty I see in the world, my faith, friends, and family.  The roses among the thorns so to speak.

And I can't have a vegan blog that doesn't include talk of food, yes amazing food.  I may even share a recipe from time to time.  Not convinced that vegans are anything but deprived souls who martyr themselves for the sake of the animals by giving up anything that has taste?  Well, just wait and see.