Monday, December 13, 2010

"A meadow in your mouth that explodes on the palette"

Sound a little over the top?
Well, that was the exclamation of a very happy diner at Sutra, a vegetarian restaurant in Seattle, Wa.
And how did I get to hear this? Well believe it or not, there's an awesome new show on the Cooking Channel called The Veg Edge.  I can hardly contain my excitement!
Now I've always been a big fan of cooking shows.  I was often glued to the tv set as a kid when the Galloping Gourmet was on. I know, I just dated myself. 

The Veg Edge isn't the first veg friendly cooking show to hit the airwaves. We have public television to thank for the long-running  Christina Cooks with Christina Pirello. When I discovered her last year, I read that her show had been on for about 10 years! Why didn't I know this? Man, do I feel cheated.
Then there's another show I just discovered a few weeks ago called Naturally Delicious, hosted by the owner of Southern California restaurant Real Food Daily, Ann Gentry.

But The Veg Edge is different from those other shows.  This is a faced paced vegetarian travel show that shines the spotlight on several culinary geniuses across the US, ranging in their skills from creating  mouth-watering down home dishes to ultra trendy raw food works of art and everything in between.

You know, I've always heard and read that Portland is the vegan heaven.  Now I know the legends are true!
 Must. Go. To. Portland.
So check out The Veg Edge the next time it's on and give the Cooking Channel lots of positive feedback. Who knows, maybe other networks will jump on the bandwagon and create their own veg-friendly shows.  I for one would love it.  It's about time.

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