Saturday, June 30, 2012

God Hates You and my kid too!!

Recently I became outraged. Saddened and outraged. But mostly saddened that a parent could treat a child the way these did. I guess what made it even worse in my mind was that they used their faith in God to justify it.
Now, I'm no where near the perfect parent, so it's not from a high horse or lofty place that I'm coming from.
A while ago, a relative of mine posted a link to a story on Facebook about the Westboro Baptist Church parents that had disowned one of their daughters because she committed what must be to them the unpardonable sin.   She dared to question their beliefs.  She dared to question whether it made sense to live a life that is full of nothing other than spewing hatred towards any and everyone that does not follow the Bible the way that they see fit.

Now, in case you're not familiar with what Westboro stands for, allow me to fill you in a bit.
They are famous for showing up at events around the US and holding up signs that proclaim  such things  as "God Hates Fags" and "You're Going to Hell".   And then there's their picketing of soldiers funerals because they believe that their deaths are God's doing as punishment for America abandoning it's morals.

I'm usually pretty dismissive about this group's shananagins, becoming momentarily disgusted and then moving on, but this situation with one of their children got to me.

How in the name of a loving God can parents treat this child the way that they've treated her? I understand what it means to have a faith in Jesus and to desire to live that out in the most consistent way possible.  But to treat those closest to us, our family, children especially, with such flippant dismissal is abhorrent to me. I could go off on a rebuttal to all of the theological "points" that Lauren's parents made in the video, but that's not the point of this post.  Maybe in another, I will.   But, I guess I just wanted to express my frustration at how some people who claim the same faith as my own, could twist it in such a way and cause such great  harm to their children and those around them.

   Here's a very telling video I came across recently that also made my heart sink when it comes to how Christians are often viewed in our society.

Video by Brian Garcia -

Why can't we be more like this?


  1. Wow, Valerie.

    It hurts to listen to people spew such hatred. What a twisted, evil mind it takes to say, let alone think these things. And how weak and thoughtless are those who follow blindly.

    It makes my stomach turn and it makes me furious all at the same time.

    Clearly these people are not Christ-like. How hypocritical to say they are on the side of God and Jesus, yet they are so intolerant and vicious and mean.

    What a sad, sad thing to think that they may never learn how wrong they are. Nobody should be this hateful toward anyone, for any reason; not in the name of any religion or belief. This is just wrong. It's like Hitler, but worse--I think even Hitler would have not met with their approval.


    Love you, love your writing. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Positive! :-)
      Yes, this story is infuriating. But mostly sad. I wonder if Lauren is the first of the kids from this family to be shunned? I believe most of the church is the family and vice versa. Well, I'm sure that Lauren won't be the last of those kids to wake up and start to question the honesty of what goes on there.

      I suspect in a few years, we'll see another episode of the news program with the parents(oh how I wish) looking back on the video of themselves and their treatment of their daughter with shame and regret.
      I know, sounds impossible. But I've heard of miracles happening with stories of hate like this being turned around. That would be my prayer for this family.

  2. Below is an email I sent to Shelley in Australia last year. I do not think she has made such a video - I wonder if you or anyone you know may be interested in doing one on the lines suggested;

    After seeing some of your excellent short videos I wonder if you have considered doing one on the following lines. There are about 1bn people in the world today who claim to be christian and I think a video like this is needed to educate them;

    Bible following people are always making excuses for being non-veg by saying the Bible does not actually forbid them from eating meat. What they overlook is how different things were nearly 2000 years ago when the last of the Bible was written and now and that consequently meat eating in the present day world is not compatible with christian living;
    1. 2000 years ago there was no factory farming, animals were kept in small flocks and quite reasonably treated.
    2. 2000 years ago you did not have a world population of farm animals so big that it was wrecking the environment, as are the 50bn farm animals of today. Christians have a duty not to unnecessarily damage Gods creation.
    3. 2000 years ago crops were not being grown in places where people were going hungry because locally grown crops were being used to feed farm animals to meet the desires of rich people. Christians have a duty not to cause hunger in others just to satisfy their own taste preferences.
    If they still hide behind the excuse that Bible does not actually forbid eating meat knowing the above they should consider this-If they know in their hearts that something is wrong and they continue to do it,Jesus says in Matthew ch7 v21-23 that many will say on the day of judgement did we not do XY and Z in your name.......... I will reply to them "I never knew you, depart from me, you workers of iniquity."

  3. Oh my! What a sad story.
    Fantastic post though. Really thought provoking. I loved that video at the end.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Julie!
      Yes it is. I love that last video too. :-)
      Fortunately, Lauren's story has a happy ending.
      Check out my update on what she's up to now.