Thursday, July 12, 2012

Retro Vegans from the 70's

Ok, call me a nerd, but I think this is cool.  I recently discovered an episode from the BBC tv show  the Open Door, about vegans and their way of life. This is 1976!  How many people even knew what a vegan was back then?  I'm amazed at how current (well, except for the fashion!) the information shared is. There's even a segment where they interview a woman in her veganic garden. Although they didn't call it that back then. Here's the half hour program divided up into three parts. 

Curious about the kids from this show and how they grew up? Well, here's a great interview on the blog The Vegan Option, where they talk to grown-up baby Rosemary from the second video and other born vegan kids too.  


  1. Do you know about this?;
    Black female vegans speak
    Embodied & critical perspectives on veganism

    14 Sept – We're delighted to tell you about the first annual Sistah Vegan Web Conference, co-sponsored by The Vegan Society. Brand new to 2013, it offers a global platform for black female vegans to speak on issues of food, identity, health, and society. This eye-opening conference is only two days away and not to be missed – register now!

    1. Thanks for sharing the info Anon. Yes, I was familiar with the conference. I have the link to the replay. :)